My Meanderings

Dec. 9, 2020

This is my brother in law, Harold Kennedy, if ever there was a"Player"! It was HIS Christmas gift to me, And now I am passing it on to ALL of YOU who follow me. Stay well to ALL, and to ALL a Great Night!

Nov. 14, 2020

If you "Santas" are thinking about a new mandolin strap for yourselves or a special person, I urge you not to wait. Order now if you expect it to arrive before CHRISTMAS. It's a busy time for a one man shop! It's a time for families but be smart; stay safe,LOVE

Nov. 14, 2020
Nov. 1, 2020

Here at MSOM we've had our own ELECTION fight going on, But the war is over and I'm proud to announce our TWO newest  "Bored" Members, these Heroic LAST RESPONDERS, NYPD'S Officers TOODY and MULDOON!

Sep. 2, 2020

Today I learned that on July 2 my dear DEAR friend Bob Trezona passed away at the age of 73. Bob was many things in his life. Bob flew Rescue Helocopters in Viet Nam. On his last flight his "copter" took fire and he was shot down. The explosion left him scarred, much of his face gone. He endured many months in the hospital most if not all in pain. When he had recuped well enough to work, he looked to his days on the farm and his love for horses and became one of the finest saddle makers in Montana, opening up the Bitterroot Saddle Shop in the Corvallis,Montana area.

I met Bob one fortunate day about 10yrs ago. He had a small booth at the local county fair. We talked. I told him about my years as a leathersmith and how I was starting a small business making Mandolin straps for a friend who owned a Vintage String shop in Missoula. Right away he offered any HELP he could be, AND BOY DID HE MEAN IT. That day a friendship started, the likes of which in MY 72 years, I had NEVER had nor never will again.

Over the years I learned that this kind, caring and GENTLE man had been thru hell on earth, TRULY HELL ON EARTH, and came thru it all with grace, charm, dignity and most of all, concern for others. He could have become just the opposite, Lord he had reason;many have,many did.

At my age,72, I hear of friends passing now and then, some were acquaintances, very few if any, who shared in my life. I will miss, OH, how I will miss our talks about life, death, love, hate,and hope. i WILL MISS YOUR FRIENDSHIP MORE THAN MOST. MEN LIKE BOB DON'T COME AROUND, IF EVER INA PERSONS LIFE, CERTAINLY NOT  MY LIFE.