Jul. 13, 2020

An open Letter To Folks Who Have followed me or Wondered Why I AM no longer Posting on the "CAFE"

As both a fan and classified owner on the Mandolin Cafe, I felt you may be owed an explanation as to why my Classified Ad is no longer found there.

Last week like many of you I suppose, I responded to a Front Page Ad of the Cafe. Acoustic Disc was advertising you could now, for $2.99 per song, dowload PDF files of many DAWG tunes. I ordered 3 that morning and got an invoice back stating that within 24 hours I would be sent a pin code that would open up those three files to be downloaded to me. I was thrilled. 24 hours passed with NO email or code. Using the Customer service number listed on my invoice, I called. During that day I called multiple times. Each time the number was a recorded message saying, "This number has been DISCONNECTED and no longer in WORKING SERVICE". I then sent emails to the "support" address on their web site. Each time NO REPLY. Over the next few days I posted to Acoustic Disc"s Facebook Page,Twitter and sent a FACE BOOK Messenger to Scott Tichnor. I retold the story,mentioned my BIG concern was to make sure that no one else sent in money until he looked into the situation.

A day or perhaps a day and a half later after not hearing back from Scott, and, felt there was a possible "Rip Off" in the making, and, having heard from NO ONE. I decided to issue my OWN warning by creating a classified ad with the story as told above. THATS WHEN I FINALLY HEARD FROM SCOTT TICHNOR. I was berated for violating the CAFE RULES for Classified Ads, called a "TROUBLE MAKER, AND WAS TOLD/THREATENED I'D BE BLOCKED FOREVER.....ALL FOR TRYING MY BEST TO SEE THAT NO ONE ELSE WOULD SEND  MONEY AND RECIEVE  NOTHING, AS I DID.

I told Mr. Tichoner that while I enjoyed being a member of the CAFE and the ability to advertise my straps, all along in my small "one man" way contributing $$ from my sales as he asked, could live quite well NOT being a paert of his website.I told him that if trying to send out a WARNING to all my mando friends an past customers was HIS gounds for REMOVING me from the site, then his worries were over: I would NOT BE BACK!

And so goes the story. It has been a WEEK since this saga began. As of today I have Yet to hear back from Acoustic Disc, Yet to recieve my PDF downloads, Yet to hear anything about what was or was NOT discovered as to WHY all this happened, Yet to get an apology from Scott tichnor and why trying to keep this from happening to other musicians seemed to PISS HIM OFF so much.BTW, The Acoustic Disc Classified is STILL front Page tho in a smaller footprint

I will no longer be allowed to post my Strap Making Business on the Cafe. To those of you who know me, know my Ethics, my dedication to offering the best straps around and the promise I made to myself to treat EVERY ONE of my customers and POTENTIAL customers with the honesty, respect and service I would demand for myself, I ask that you keep me in your thoughts, let your friends know Im here. I'm STLL IN BUSINESS. I may have been put "out of sight", but not "out of mind".