My Meanderings

Mar. 4, 2021

In all my 72+ years on this planet, I have met with and dealt with Hundreds,perhaps Thousands of people, but of ALL those people, the most VINDICTIVE, least EMPATHETIC person I EVER known is Scott Tichenor! 

Dec. 9, 2020

This is my brother in law, Harold Kennedy, if ever there was a"Player"! It was HIS Christmas gift to me, And now I am passing it on to ALL of YOU who follow me. Stay well to ALL, and to ALL a Great Night!

Nov. 14, 2020

If you "Santas" are thinking about a new mandolin strap for yourselves or a special person, I urge you not to wait. Order now if you expect it to arrive before CHRISTMAS. It's a busy time for a one man shop! It's a time for families but be smart; stay safe,LOVE

Nov. 14, 2020
Nov. 1, 2020

Here at MSOM we've had our own ELECTION fight going on, But the war is over and I'm proud to announce our TWO newest  "Bored" Members, these Heroic LAST RESPONDERS, NYPD'S Officers TOODY and MULDOON!