Customer Feedback

I've created this page for current or past customers to leave
comments regarding my straps and their experiences.
I hope you all will take a moment of your time to let me and others know how I'm doing.

Dec. 21, 2020

Colby Tushaus

Alan, thanks so much for your time and talent in creating my mew mandolin strap. It is a TOP quality strap!

Website Jun. 21, 2020


For my friend Greg F. - Minnesota

Website Apr. 7, 2020

Doug Buchheister

I found Mandolin Straps of Montana online. I needed a new strap, and decided it was worth it to spend a bit more to have a quality strap. Boy was it. I e-mailed Allen with my design and color idea, and to find out what kind of turnaround time to get it
done. No problem. Alan's response was professional and prompt. I received the strap ahead of schedule. It is beautiful high quality work! Shown here on my Adams mandolin built by Johnny Adams of Winter Garden, FL.

Nov. 4, 2019

Gary L. Kerr

Just received the mandolin strap I ordered and I'm thoroughly pleased with the craftsmanship and materials quality. Complements my mandolin wonderfully. It was a pleasure doing business with Alan.

Website Aug. 5, 2019

Nicholas M.

I wanted something special for my "Gil" and couldn't find anything locally so I tried 'Googling' mandolin straps, found Alan and within two weeks had exactly EXACTLY what I wanted. Craftsmanship, choice, quality material! A million thanks!

Nov. 7, 2018

Alex G Rice

Hey Alan- I appreciate your service and attention to detail. My strap is feels and looks good for my Collings MT.

Aug. 12, 2018

Wade Coolidge

These are beautiful strap. They are made with quality material and great skill. My strap matches my mandolin perfectly. Alan is a great guy to work with and made sure I got the strap I wanted.

Jul. 10, 2018

Steve Messenger

I found a very special mandolin, a 1930 Rickenbacher 'Electro' and thought that it really needed an equally special strap. Alan, you did a great job! Thank you!

Website Apr. 12, 2018

Perry Cleaveland

Prior to my MSOM strap, I had purchased a few other highly quality leather straps—of which I was pleased. As good as they area, MSOM just raised the bar! Fit, finish, design, and quality are at the zenith! Thank you Alan!

Mar. 28, 2018

Greg Klein

Alan - I simply could not be happier with the strap you made for my F-5. I consider them both treasures and I now can't imagine one without the other. Thank you again. - Greg

Jan. 22, 2018

Craig Smith

Dear Alan, my new mandolin strap arrived today and it is even nicer than I anticipated based on your site and others’ reviews. The color match is perfect and the leather quality and design are exactly what I hoped. I will enjoy your handcrafted art for
years. Thank you. Craig

Jan. 19, 2018

Paul K. Wilson

Superb compliment to my Hinde Custom F5 mandolin.

Jan. 19, 2018

Paul K. Wilson

Superb compliment to my Hinde Custom F5 mandolin.

Nov. 27, 2017

Tim Logan

My third strap is on its way - that should say it all. Three mandolins and three of Alan’s straps. As I posted when I got my first strap - everything about these straps and Alan’s service is top notch. Try one!

Aug. 23, 2017

Keith Tuttle

Just got my strap and I love it! It came quicker than I anticipated, Alan was very helpful answering my questions, and I'm very happy with my order! Would highly recommend!

Jul. 7, 2017

Tim Logan

My A strap is perfect. It looks beautiful; is soft and comfortable; and a very functional. Communication and turn around time were excellent. Very nice man and very nice service. You will be very happy!

Jun. 22, 2017

Melanie Johnson

Just received my new custom-made mandolin strap and it's beautiful-great craftsmanship & quick turn-around on my order! Thanks so much Alan!

Apr. 26, 2017


Alan crafted a strap for my A style Collins. It is simply perfect and beautiful, a wonderful color for the mandolin. And his attachment system behind the nut puts my mando in a much better position for playing. Completely pleased!

Dec. 12, 2016

Mary Anne Nesbit

Beautiful mandolin strap for my husband for Christmas. Exactly as ordered and in plenty of time to put under the tree. Thanks Alan!

Nov. 22, 2016

Rich Benson

Wonderful strap! Looks great with my Pava Pro. A beautiful mandolin deserves an equally beautiful strap. Thanks Alan.

Sep. 22, 2016

Steven DeFrancesco

Well made and great looking strap. Great communication and fast shipping throughout the process. Thanks Alan!

Sep. 22, 2016

David S. Levin

As Lloyd Loar is to mandolins, Alan Gelman is to mandolin straps. Who would imagine in this era of fiber-optics and lithium ion batteries that there are still craftsman like Alan out there hand tooling leather specialty items one at a time and made to

They don't make 'em like this no more Alan. Many thanks!

Apr. 4, 2016


Just got my straps today - they are beautiful! Will look gorgeous on my Pava and my Weber!

Apr. 1, 2016


This strap is fantastic. Just what I was looking for and had hoped for. It is a true quality piece and the experience of working with Alan was equally so. Highly recommended!

Website Feb. 25, 2016

Tommy Reece

I bought a couple straps some time back, maybe two-three years ago. I play every day, Alan's straps have held up beautifully. I can happily recommend to anybody. They are comfortable, strong, and very good looking.

Dec. 16, 2015

Mike A.

I recently bought a beautiful 1991 Flatiron Performer, and knew that a special strap was required. I was very pleased with the strap that Alan had made for my Jacobson, so I knew that I wanted to have him make my new strap. It arrived today, and I am thrilled.
The design is outstanding, and the craftsmanship is absolutely first rate.

Alan Gelman is a gentleman, a pleasure to work with, and his work is beyond compare. I recommend both him and his straps highly.

Nov. 18, 2015

Mark Finley

Great service, great leather, great strap, Alan will work with you to get you exactly what you are looking for. Made the perfect strap for my A-style Kentucky.

Oct. 3, 2015

Bob Hoover

I like what you did with the strap and the color. I see I got the last of its kind 14-6. That design seems to replicate the scroll on the Orrico tailpiece on my Silverangel. Sorry to see that one go.

I can tell that you use fine leather in just the couple of weeks I have had the strap. The unfinished side is not turning into loose suede like some of the other straps I have had. I expect this one to last quite a long time.

Aug. 16, 2015



I received my mandolin strap yesterday and attached it to my Weber. It is well designed with precise stamping of the design. The color is perfect and matches the color of the Gallatin. I appreciate the care you took to make it and inclusion of the conditioner.
That was thoughtful and a sign of good quality service.

Thanks for your prompt and quality service

Aug. 1, 2015


Just received the mandolin strap today, and it is very nice. I had the strap custom made with my Dog's name on it. He recently passed away 13yrs old. He loved hearing the mandolin being played. Great inlay work and quality - Thanks Alan

Jun. 20, 2015


I have just taken delivery of my mandolin strap. Alan has made me a bespoke strap for my Weber F5. The design was an interactive process with Alan requesting a photograph on the mandolin so that he could colour match the leather. It was then packaged and
posted to the United Kingdom without fuss. The strap is a thing of beauty that will last a lifetime and beyond as the instrument passes on to new generations. I am very grateful - so my thanks to you Alan.

May. 8, 2015


I just received my strap today. The wait time for this strap was very short considering it is a made to order item. The pattern and color were very well represented in the website photo's. The quality of workmanship is first rate and exceeded my expectations.
The price is very reasonable for this kind of quality. The length has a good range of adjustment and in time I will find that perfect length. Alan is a stand up guy and you won't find anyone easier to deal with. Thank you Alan.

Apr. 4, 2015


I recently took delivery on a beautiful custom A-5, and knew I wanted a very special strap to go with it. I picked out a design from Alan Gelman's offerings and placed my order. Alan made and delivered the strap very promptly. Initially I had some trouble
adjusting the strap to a length that was comfortable for me, but Alan helped get that squared away. The strap is, to say the least, beautiful and very well made. The craftsmanship is superb. The strap is also very comfortable, and looks great on my new mandolin.
If you're looking for something special, you'll find it with one of Alan's straps!

Mar. 6, 2015


I bought one of these straps for my husband and he loved it so much he ordered a second one. These straps are so well made that the price is a bargain. Thank you Alan.

Feb. 11, 2015


Alan has a unique design that makes the strap versatile and very functional. They are made to order, so each strap is a one of kind. When I received my strap the quality of the workman ship exceeded my expectations. Having one of Alan's straps on my mandolin
makes me want to play more. :)

Nov. 7, 2014

Colton Stokley

Just wanna say, best mandolin straps in the world by far! A savior for us A style mando pickers

Nov. 6, 2014

Larry Gault

While I doubt the tiny strap would work for my P-bass, Alan's work (and this web page) are outstanding!

Sep. 4, 2014


Easily the best strap I've ever had in 43 years of playing mandolin. Great quality,great service. You're a winner! M. R.- USA & UK

Sep. 4, 2014

Christopher J.

Every mandolin strap that I've ever gotten tooled has always been disappointing when I have finally received it. These straps are so well done. And look so much better than in photos. And there is such a professional quality to these that is lacking in
so many straps out there today. Plus these have such a great range for adjusting that is super nice. I am very grateful for your hard work. Really is a great deal and value.